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Yuvraj Singh

Flamboyant. Superstar. Athletic. Arjuna Awardee. Team Player. Vociferous. Loyal. Survivor. Son. Padmashree.

We fall short of adjectives when we want to describe Yuvraj Singh, do we focus on his unmatched cricketing style? Do we focus on his strong personality? Do we focus on the unquestionable loyalty to Team India? Or do we focus on – just Yuvraj.

Get a glimpse into the life of this superhero – as he wants you to see it. As it is. No holds barred. This is your one channel to connect with him as he shares his best and worst moments. His jubilations, his pranks ( oh so many of them!)

You want to know Yuvi, there is no other place to be.


YouWeNow is a personally (yes, by Yuvi himself!) curated website that contains all of Yuvraj’s favourite videos. An international catalog of videos not only for Yuvraj fans, but absolutely everyone!

I had an idea, and then a plan. I want to thank Prashant Puri, (Co-Founder-Yral.digital) for turning my plan into a solid reality – Yuvraj Singh

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Yuvraj Singh

(we don’t need to tell you who he is, do we?)

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